Best Magic Mirror Hire Glasgow

Magic Mirror hire Glasgow is the best option to go for in the event of parties, weddings, etc. Because it is made up of strong glass so it won’t easily break and it can take an image of a person of 7 foot easily. It has a DSLR camera in it so without a doubt the picture it will take will be exceptional and great.

At parties or in weddings we always try to do something different so that our parties can be memorable and people can remember it for quite a long time. This is necessary to do it and we know why because if you are in a social circle then you would want to impress your folks and for that, you try hard but if you let us then we may present you with a simple solution at hand i.e. throw a party and let us handle all the preparations. Why? Because we have experience in this field and whether you admit it or not experience always comes in handy when it comes to performing. So, what are you waiting for call us now to throw a ravishing party.

Magic Mirror:

Magic Mirror is very handy in such situations because it takes not only pictures but can take group photos as well that is like 20 people at once. This is an amazing feature of this magic mirror also it can customize your images as well as converts them into animations which also is popular nowadays.

It has gotten very popular among clients. In our standard package, we lend the magic mirror for like 4 hours tops during an event.

Features of Magic Mirror:

  • You can sign your photo i.e. whether you would want that to be done digitally or after taking the print of the picture.
  • Our magic mirror is designed to upload every photo on to a secure server so whether it is deleted, you can’t lose it we always have a copy of your photo on our server.
  • Our Magic Mirror is designed to take full-length pictures i.e. pictures of a 7-foot person easily.
  • It can be controlled with a motion i.e. waving of a hand or by saying cheese or by a touch triggered sensor.
  • You can always customize your pictures i.e. make avatars which are very popular nowadays.
  • You can always take custom prints and there are no restrictions on the prints, you can take as many as you want to.
  • There is also an option of unlimited photo retakes, no matter how much you take to keep on taking it until you get the perfect one.
  • The most amazing option would of taking pictures of 20 people in a single shot, that is just terrific.

If you book this then the things you get with it are:

  • We will provide you with a free guestbook for storing the memories,
  • We will also provide you with a complimentary USB in which all the pictures are stored.
  • And, most important you don’t have to operate the Magic Mirror, we will send out staff members with it.