Buying Traditional Kilts

Kilts are an exclusive clothing item that has a status beyond other clothes like shirts or trousers. This is because a kilt was originally made for special occasions and ceremonial purposes. Although history shows that highland wear and kilts were once more common as everyday clothing, they are now more popular for Christenings and weddings. This means that people will spend a lot to get a well-crafted kilt that will last them for a long time. A kilt is often more personal than a suit because you might only own one. This can be a problem if the kilt was passed down to you or if you are trying to show your Scottish heritage. Although you might be able to find cheap kilts and end up owning several, it is important to take time to choose the right one.

The first thing you should do is choose the type and purpose of the kilt.

The kilts most people will find most fascinating will be those that have a Scottish connection, such as ones with tartan and paired with Prince Charlie jackets and sporrans. These kilts should look great and feature tartan. The traditional Scottish kilt wraps around the body at the waist, below the hips and around the knees. The back should be pleated, while the front should be plainer. The kilt is usually made of wool or ’twill-woven worsted wool’, with a weave type of 2-2. This means that the weft thread will pass under and over two warp threats at once – but that’s not a problem.

Tartan patterns can vary between kilts. Some families also have their own family tartans, which are unique to their family members and can often be traced back up to two centuries. This tartan is known as a’sett’. There are tartans for specific counties, districts and corporations, too. You don’t have to pick the tartan for your kilt, but you can choose any tartan that suits your Prince Charlie jacket or sporrans.

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