Castle of Chaos Escape Rooms & Haunted House: Enter if you Dare

Enter if you Dare! Castle of Chaos is an escape room and haunted house in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our 13,000 sq ft facility features 4 unique rooms for our guests to enjoy. We have a wide variety of games that will challenge your problem solving skills while trying to escape the room or save yourself from being eaten by zombies or vampires!

If you’re in the mood for something exciting, terrifying, and downright frightening this Halloween season, then Castle of Chaos is the place to be. Located in Richmond Hill, ON Canada our escape rooms are perfect for any occasion! We offer four different themed rooms to choose from: Zombie Apocalypse (our most popular), Castle of Ghosts & Ghouls, The Cat Lady’s Return Home, and Murder Mansion. Our haunted house is home to some truly horrifying creatures that will make your skin crawl and your eyes pop.

Our escape rooms and haunted house come complete with a full cast of actors waiting to scare the pants off you! Our goal is to keep our customers on their toes, so we never know exactly what’s going to happen next. We pride ourselves in being as realistic as possible- that means no cheesy gags here! This place is all about adrenaline pumping fun & excitement, not cheap tricks. If you’re feeling brave enough then enter now…if not, just close this page without reading another word and go watch some reality TV or something (yawn).

The Zombie Apocalypse: You’ve been trapped inside an abandoned building during a zombie outbreak and it’s up to you & your team mates to find out where everyone else!

Castle of Chaos Escape Rooms

What To Expect And What Are The Rules?

if you ever find yourself in a real life zombie apocalypse, it’s best to follow these three Rules of Survival:

RULE # 01 : Cardio. Zombies are slow & stumbly- if you can out run them then you’ve got nothing to worry about (unless they trip over something and fall down…in which case make like Usain Bolt).

Rule # 02 : Never ever turn your back on one! They’re weak individually but dangerous when grouped together. That rule also applies for humans with guns too FYI.

Rule # 03 : Do NOT shoot at zombies’ heads or try stabbing their brain directly (seriously that never works). Shoot the ground near them instead; this will trigger an avalanche of bullets spilling from pockets

Rule # 4: this is one of the most important rules & applies to ALL shooters: hold your gun with two hands. One on the trigger, one on the butt of the handle

Rule # 05 : DO NOT shoot other humans- unless they’re zombies or a zombie sympathizer (in which case you should make sure their brains are splattered before doing so). They may be part of an opposing team who have been sent into this world by Dr Reaper as well!

RULE # 06 : If all else fails hide. Zombies tend to lose interest if there’s nothing around for them to kill…and it gives time for that cardio workout we talked about earlier

Other Attractions

If you are here at castle of chaos and you want to try something new you can visit our store and try our amazing cbd products. Or go for a ride on our haunted hayride. We also have an arcade and entertainment center where you can play some games and enjoy the day with your friends or family

CBD goes hand in hand with zombie apocalypse. CBD can help you to be calm and collected when the zombies surround your house and it may also helps relieve pain

so come on down to BrooksideCBD Wellness Center Kodak try some CBD products to have a wonderful time.